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Jun 14 2019: Reborn News Update: Pocket Legends 110 Level Cap Expansion Preview

A preview of the 110 level cap expansion has been released. Who likes reskinned content from Arcane Legends?

Please remember that the founding CEO of STS quit the company to get a real job in March of this year, and that the future of STS is not looking bright at all due to their endless bad decisions over the years, the departure of key people and the apparent loss of hundreds of thousands of customers across their products (which equates to a massive loss of revenue).

It would seem that more than ~99% of the players have quit Pocket Legends. That would leave less than ~1% (or ~100 daily active players on average). This game is beyond dead.

Everyone should carefully consider how much, if any, of their time and money will be put into a dead product that literally could be discontinued without notice at any time.

There are many exciting, brand new mobile MMORPG games out there that you should check out. They are over 9 years ahead of Pocket Legends and have very bright, lasting futures ahead of them. Here is a list of some new and old mobile MMORPGs that many former Pocket Legends players and guilds have moved on to.

World of Kings:
Era of Legends:
Villagers & Heroes:
Old School RuneScape (OSRS):
Albion Online:

Cinco started working on this cap last fall and said he hoped to give us a preview by Christmas break 2018. He had said he planned to release the cap sometime in January. 6 months after Christmas we finally get a preview.

So far, he's only completed work on a new town and a few new dungeons. Their other Legends games have received much more work and attention than Pocket Legends.

It seems that all you can expect these days in Pocket Legends is recycled content from PL or from other games - being touted as new and creative.

The new boss in the Pocket Legends 110 cap, Ebonthrax, is a copy of the boss named Lord Rendtail from their other game, Arcane Legends.

Boo! Lame.

But what more could you expect from a dead game with around a dozen staff members, apparently no budget, no vision and no leadership? Stop beating a dead horse. Follow the lead of your founding CEO, and get a real job, STS. Leave game design to the passionate pros.

Want to see what fighting the boss Ebonthrax aka Rendtail is like? You can see here in this YouTube video.

More details on the Pocket Legends 110 level cap preview can be found here.

If you would like to discuss the upcoming level cap expansion with other members of the Pocket Legends community, then feel free to join this Pocket Legends Discord Server.

Jun 01 2019: Reborn News Update: Join Up For The Potential Giveaway Worth Billions; Pocket Legends 110 Level Cap Expansion is Coming Soon

After over 9 years in the game, Drae aka Bro has had enough of both STS and Pocket Legends, and is strongly considering doing an epic giveaway of everything spread across his over 250 Pocket Legends accounts.

Only members of the Pocket Legends Community Party Zone Discord Server would be eligible to participate in this giveaway. This would potentially include billions in gold, billions worth in rare and discontinued items, and dozens of 'og' names. The final details and mechanics of the giveaway are still being worked out. More details are to come in the near future.

There would be no cost to participate in the giveaway. You need only be a proud member of the Pocket Legends Community Party Zone Discord Server.

If you'd like to join, simply download the Discord app, and then join this Pocket Legends Discord Server.

You will also find that the truth, honest opinions and critical feedback about STS, Pocket Legends and the community is not only respected, but encouraged on this discord server - instead of being frowned upon, heavily censored or ultimately resulting in you being banned, like in other discord servers or on the STS forums. You will not find a more brutally honest discord server for Pocket Legends anywhere. Before you spend yet more time and money on Pocket Legends, you really should be as informed as possible about the situation with STS, Pocket Legends, and the very tiny remainder of the community.

It's official - the 110 level cap expansion is coming to Pocket Legends soon.

Yes, we've heard that since October of last year. First we were supposed to receive a preview before the Christmas 2018 break, and the expansion was supposed to be released sometime in January. The date has continued to get pushed out, nearly a half year beyond the initial release date.

The community came together in support of an underwater 'Atlantis' themed expansion, and due to how many months the update had been pushed out, we were certain that it would be this very desirable theme with all new content.

However, it turns out that the 110 expansion is going to be based on a return to Black Smoke Mountain, which takes us back to the theme of the level 76 cap, and potentially a re-release or modified version of the famous 'Black Dragon' set. In fact, this has caused the price of black dragon sets to plummet from as high as 850 million to as low as 250 million gold in a short period of time.

This comes on the heels of STS re-releasing the White Lightning set in a recent event. Black Gold will be re-released in a future event. Ultimately, everything could potentially be re-released, regardless of what STS says on this subject.

On numerous occasions, the new self-proclaimed owner of STS (his old boss, Gary Gattis, the founding CEO, quit the company in March of this year for a real job) has essentially stated or implied that he does not care about items retaining their values or people getting upset and rage quitting when he causes the values of items to drop from overly valuable to nearly worthless, wiping out people's 'life savings' in game in seconds flat.

Here's an actual quote: "I don't think it's reasonable to expect items (especially those with excessive gold value) to stay valuable forever."

Yeah? Well, we don't think it's reasonable for people to continue playing this dead game when someone who calls himself 'Crazy' is making what we consider to be very bad decisions that only serve to kill off this game entirely.

Stay tuned for more details on the upcoming 110 level cap expansion for Pocket Legends.

Apr 05 2019: Reborn News Update: Pocket Legends' Nine Lives 9th Birthday Event Preview!

"They sure do grow up quickly": Pocket Legends celebrates its 9th birthday on April 10, 2019!

We're thrilled that the world's very first and also our favorite mobile MMORPG is still rocking it 9 years after the launch date, and we are looking forward to many more good years together. This lucky cat has more than nine lives!

The deepest respect and appreciation goes out to the good people at Spacetime Studios for the creation and on-going development of Pocket Legends, and to all of our good friends out there in Alterra for the exceptionally good times we have shared together over the last nine years. Here's to many more!

This year's Pocket Legends birthday event is similar to last year, with some neat changes. Here is what we know so far:

The Pocket Legends Nine Lives Birthday event goes live on Wednesday, April 10 at 1:30PM Austin, TX time, lasts a week, and ends on Wednesday, April 17 at 1:30PM.

The fun starts out with the hunt for the new Birthday Cake vanity helm and shield set. You can bust chests open to randomly spawn the birthday event vendor, 'Crazy Abe', and buy the new b-day cake set from him.

Once you are wearing the new cake set, you will have a chance to spawn 'Birfday Bones', and his potential loot includes the new 2019 Party Hats and 'Nine Lives' shields!

When you combine all of the Nine Lives Shields, you will receive the 2019 limited edition L105 elite Birthday Buckler! We can't wait to see what special stats or benefits the new Birthday Buckler will have this year.

There are also new 2019 Birthday Party Hats, and if you collect all nine of them you will earn both a new achievement and title. You can use the new Party Hats to craft a special key item that can be used one time to enter the Party House portal in Forest Haven, which takes you to the King of Bling's estate for some good old fashioned gold farming! But first you need the Party House Key Recipe, which drops from Birfday Bones. To craft the key, you will need to talk to Crazy Abe and combine the 2019 Party Hats and the Party House Key Recipe. Armed with the key, you are ready to farm some gold! They key can be used only once, but you will have the chance to craft more keys.

More details on Pocket Legends' Nine Lives 9th Birthday event can be found here.

Mar 22 2019: Reborn News Update: Ol' Golden Bones Weekend Gold Farming Mini-Event is Live in Pocket Legends!

Fresh off the heels of the St. Patty's event, starting today and lasting until Monday, March 25, there is an Ol' Golden Bones gold farming event in Pocket Legends!

There are two elixirs that you can use, that are sold by Ol' Broke Bones in Glumdoll Cemetary.

The Golden Bones Hunter Elixir helps you find Ol' Golden Bones, costs 3 plat and lasts for 30 minutes.

The Golden Bonus Elixir gives you a chance to loot bonus gold from Golden Bones, costs 2 plat and also lasts for 30 minutes.

These elixirs have been discounted down from 20 plat per half hour for both of them to only 5 plat! Thank you for the discount, STS. Note that at least one person in your party will need to have the Golden Bones Hunter Elixir in order to be able to find Ol' Golden Bones. By killing Ol' Golden Bones, you can loot up to 50k gold at a time.

Head to Fathom Crypt's Glumdoll Cemetary to start your journey. Talk to Ol' Broke Bones and accept the Ol' Golden Bones quest. Once you kill Ol' Golden Bones 25 times, you can turn the quest back in to Ol' Broke Bones in Glumdoll Cemetary and then you will receive a brand new character-bound vanity shield, the 'Gold Vengeance Shield'. This shield is presently displayed on the image above and to the right of this entry.

To find Ol' Golden Bones, make sure one person in your party has the Golden Bones Hunter Elixir, then try busting chests in Skeller Returns Descent Into Evil! (Map 4), any of the Balefort maps, or in Black Smoke Mountain Red Dragon's Lair by busting the dark crystals that surround the hole in the ground near Emma. These are the most popular maps to try to find him.

More details on this Ol' Golden Bones event can be found here.

Mar 21 2019: Reborn News Update: The Pocket Legends Saint Patrick's Leaderboard Event Ends, Rewards Begin!; "Sell All" Items by Rarity Feature Added

The St. Patty's has ended and now it's time to enjoy the rewards!

Cinco has heard the cries and wishes of us fortunate Alterrans and today's PL update offers some very cool blessings for us.

The top 50/25/10 (quest numbers 243, 244, and 245, respectively) no longer count in the quest total, per community request. The max total possible quests are now 242.

Luck and/or gold loot or damage stats have been added to the rare St. Patrick's vanity loot and these items can now be used to complete the Raging Saint event set. This includes 'The Rainbow Connection' vanity helm, 'The Amber Brew', 'The Aventurine Shield, and 'The Gold Nugget' vanity shields.

Special note regarding the super generous Raging Saint set bonus: The set bonus can now be activated using a Rainbow Connection vanity helm + a lucky vanity weapon + any of the rare event vanity shields (see the names of these items above). You will know if you have the Raging Saint set bonus activated when you see lots of clovers emanating from your character. But you will still want to buy the Raging Saint helm and armor with gold or plat when the event ends in just under 1.5 hours, because these items will still be great looking and useful collectibles.

Raging Saint set pieces purchased from the prize vendor with gold are able to be stashed and used on all characters on your account! These items will have the name "My Raging Saint" in them.

Regarding event rewards, Cinco has clarified who gets what based on their final position (top 50, 25 or 10) in the event leaderboard:

- Top 50 get the Level 105 Blarney and Godspeed.
- Top 25 get the Blarney, Godspeed and a choice of Level 10 Ammy's.
- Top 10 get the Blarney, Godspeed, choice of Level 10 Ammy's and bonus gold.
- Top 50, 25 also get gold but not nearly as much as Top 10.

Last but not least, the suggestion of a quick-liquidation "Sell All" by item rarity was added to PL today, and this should end up being one of those features that we wondered how we lived without for nearly 9 years. Thank you so much, Cinco, for adding this requested feature to PL and for all of the other very cool tweaks in today's update!

Feel free to join us in this Pocket Legends Discord Server if you would like to discuss the event or just hang out with other PL players. We are sharing plenty of screen shots, tips and having a great time. Come be a part of the party!

Mar 14 2019: Reborn News Update: The Pocket Legends Saint Patrick's Leaderboard Event is Live!

The St. Patty's event is live! The event is a huge hit, people are really liking it - very nice work, Cinco! We have learned some new details now that the event is live, so here is some more information to help you out.

St. Patty's Event Points:
5: Zombies
50: Keymaster
100: Lemuel
Average points per hour at your very best: 17,430.
Total time required to finish the event at the above average: 2 hours.

Pets do not work in the event map.

Players were reporting that it is much easier on a fully geared up L105 character than a low level alt for this event, but Cinco has recently made it easier for non-cap level characters to run the event map, so give that a try!

Want more free gold? Starting at midnight Austin, TX time tonight, you can try to spawn Lucky Bones from busting chests in Skeller Returns Descent Into Evil! (Map 4), any of the Balefort maps, or in Black Smoke Mountain Red Dragon's Lair by busting the dark crystals that surround the hole in the ground near Emma. Don't forget: the first quest reward, the Shining Shamrock, gives a +20% chance to spawn Lucky Bones during this event. Lucky Bones spawns from any chest or item that can be busted (jugs, etc), but the maps previously listed are the people's favorites!

There are new quests! The quest total was 241 before, now there are a a total of 245 quests. The new quests are for earning this year's new lucky vanity and for ending up in the top 50, 25 and 10 in the event leaderboard:
- Un-Lucky Lemuel! (Kill Lemuel 10 times, and Lucky Lilly awards you 'The Shining Shamrock', this year's new lucky vanity helm which offers a massive 20% re-roll! And the same chances at spawning Lucky Bones!
- Top Fifty! (exclusive rewards for ending the event placing in the top 50 event leaderboard)
- Top Twenty Five! (exclusive rewards for ending the event placing in the top 25 event leaderboard)
- Top Ten! (exclusive rewards for ending the event placing in the top 10 event leaderboard)

Cinco has created new elite level 105 amulets with very nice stats as exclusive reward items for those ending the event in the top 50/25/10 leaderboard rankings:
- Elite Level 105 Blarney Stone (gives +21 STR, DEX, INT and +100 Armor in addition to +20% Damage, +20% Re-Roll, +20% Gold Loot!)
- Elite Level 105 Green Godspeed (gives +14 STR, DEX, INT, CRIT, DODGE and +100 Damage in addition to 4X Speed!)
We are happy to report that both of the new level 105 elite St. Patrick's Day Top Rank Amulet rewards can be used to complete the level 105 elite and super-elite sets. Note that unlike the level 100 mythic amulets, these amulets do not have any visual effects.

Feel free to join us in this Pocket Legends Discord Server if you would like to discuss the event or just hang out with other PL players. We are sharing plenty of screen shots, tips and having a great time. Come be a part of the party!

Mar 13 2019: Reborn News Update: Saint Patrick's Leaderboard Event Preview!

Just a day before the Pocket Legends Saint Patrick's event starts, we finally get a preview of what's in store for this year's event. Much gratitude and appreciation goes out to Cinco for making this year's event happen (and for the details)! The event goes live tomorrow, Thursday, March 14 at 1:30PM Austin, TX time.

This year entering Lucky Lemuel's Lair is free! You can enter the event map through the portal in Forest Haven or you can host the map directly. You will score event points every time you kill the zombies, the keymaster or the event boss, Lemuel. All of the monsters are a little bit stronger this year. You will need to kill the zombies (they also drop gold!) in order to randomly spawn the Keymaster, and then kill the Keymaster in order to unlock the entrance to Lemuel's Lair. One big change this year is that Lemuel is able to spawn a protective shield, which can only be disabled by any of the flame traps in his lair.

Lucky Lemuel's loot includes all new vanities: the 'Rainbow Connection' pot of gold helmet, the 'Lucky Emerald' vanity weapons (gleaming green), Amber Brew shield, Gleaming Gold Nugget shield, and Lemuel's Gem shield! Amulets can also be looted: new Mythical Level 100 Amulets ("that make wings sprout out yer back") and rare Level 10 Amulets - looted items are all trade-friendly.

The Prize Vendor will include, among other things, the premium 'Gaze' faces and the new 'Raging Saint' vanity set, which offers +25% Gold Loot, +25% Re-Roll, +2X Damage (in PvE maps) and +2X Experience as a set bonus when any three set pieces are equipped (helm/armor/shield/any of the 'Lucky Emerald' vanity weapons). Combine this impressive new vanity set with a Tinsel pet for incredible stats in PvE. Vanity set pieces bought from the prize vendor with gold will be character bound, those pieces bought with plat will be trade-friendly.

The event looks like a lot of fun, and the new vanities that we have seen so far look absolutely beautiful! This is the 3rd annual St. Patty's event in PL and the first St. Patty's leaderboard event. There are three tiers that are earned through scoring enough event points: bronze (10k points), silver (25k points) and gold (35k points). All tiers will have access to all of the goods available from the prize vendor once the competition phase comes to an end on Thursday, March 21st at 1:30PM Austin, TX time. The higher your tier, the bigger your discount should be for prize vendor items. And, per longstanding popular request, there are finally special benefits to players who reach a certain ranking on the event leaderboard: The top 50 earn a little more gold loot and access to this year's L100 mythical amulets; the top 25 earn even more gold and a choice of L10 amulets; and the top 10 earn the most bonus gold and can choose from all of the amulets - all of these amulets are trade-friendly. Lucky Lilly is the prize vendor, so be sure to talk to her when the event ends. And if you earned a spot in the event leaderboard top 50 or better, talk to Lucky Lilly to obtain a quest that will allow you to collect your leaderboard prize.

More details on the event preview can be found here.

Feel free to join us in this Pocket Legends Discord Server if you would like to discuss the event or just hang out with other PL players.

Mar 10 2019: Reborn News Update: STS CEO Leaves Company, Takes New Job Elsewhere; Saint Patrick's Leaderboard Event This Thursday!

Gary Gattis, also known as "JustG", has recently quit his role as Chief Executive Officer of Spacetime Studios and has taken on a new job with another company. We are grateful for everything that he has contributed to STS over the years, and wish him the very best of luck and success in his new position working for Ben Lamm at HyperGiant.

Gary Gattis Leaves STS

More details on the departure of STS CEO Gary Gattis can be found here.

If you'd like to discuss the future of STS and PL, feel free to join us in this Pocket Legends Discord Server.

Gary Gattis founded STS and invited people he worked with at the time to come join him, and now he's left them. This could potentially start a domino effect of people leaving STS for other opportunities, including joining Gary to be a member of his staff once again at his new place of employment. If enough key people leave, it could be the end for the entire studio.

Think of more key people following their ex-CEO's example and leaving STS over the coming months and STS potentially shutting down due to death by attrition in 2019. It remains to be seen whether or not Gary leaving STS is ultimately a good or a bad thing for this small business. Only time will tell. The first 3-6 months will be the most telling.

There's a Saint Patrick's individual leaderboard event starting this Thursday, March 14th. More details to come!

Feb 13 2019: Reborn News Update: Pocket Legends Valentine's Event Preview

With STS being very quiet and busy working on the level 110 PL expansion, many of us wondered if Pocket Legends would have a Valentine's Event for 2019 or not. With only a day to spare before the holiday, STS confirmed that PL will indeed have a Valentine's Event this year! The event will run from February 14 through February 28.

Hart Brake is back along with all new candy heart pets and helmet vanities, and a return of the Black Heart Valentine Shields. This will be the same event type as last year - it is not a leaderboard event. How does this event work? It's pretty simple, anything that can be busted (vases, crystals, chests, etc) has a chance to spawn Hart Brake. You have 60 seconds to kill Hart Brake, and he is guaranteed to drop a new or old vanity or black heart shield. The most popular maps to hunt for Hart Brake are: Black Smoke Mountain, Red Dragon's Lair (bust the dark crystals near Aunt Emma, remake, repeat), Skeller Krunch Returns, Descent into Evil! or any of the Balefort Castle maps. Dragon's Lair is by far the most popular map due to quick and efficient runs.

More details on the event preview can be found here. The event update notes can be found here.

In other news, Cinco is hard at work on the level 110 cap for Pocket Legends and hopes to deliver it to us sometime in the April to May timeframe. We do not have many details at this time, but one thing we do know is that by popular demand, there will not be any weapon procs in the upcoming expansion and that different mechanics will be used in regards to mobs and bosses. There is much speculation as to what the setting will be. Many of us are hopeful that Junglegold's Underwater Atlantis expansion concept is what awaits us, but if not for the 110 cap, maybe for the 115 cap.

After an over 4 year absence from STS, we are also extremely happy to welcome Remiem back to STS! We've been giving hints and messages to STS that they desperately need a person back in the community role which has been vacant for many years, and this is exactly what has happened! Remiem is well loved and respected across all of the Legends games, and they could not have made a better decision than to bring her back to their team. We love you, Remi! :)

Dec 14 2018: Reborn News Update: Pocket Legends Winterfest 2018 Event Preview

STS has released the preview for the Pocket Legends Winterfest 2018 event, and this one is truly exciting. We will be receiving a two-in-one event.

To start things off, the classic winter fest quest line commences on Thursday, December 20 at 1:30PM Austin, Texas time and lasts for three weeks. This year we get all new vanity rewards and all new vanities that can be looted: Dark Angel Wings, Golden Angel Wings [+15% bonus gold loot], Ugly Sweater [+20% bonus gold loot], Trail of Lights and the Black, Red and Royal Purple Father Frost costumes, and new vanity wreaths including the Glimmering Wreath [+15% bonus gold loot]. The Gift Grotto makes a return this year along with Winter Village and Toy Factory.

And then on Saturday, December 22 at 1:30PM, the first Pocket Legends winter leaderboard event starts and runs through Tuesday, December 25 at 1:30PM (all times Austin, Texas, USA). Bronze tier is 5k event points, silver tier is 15k, and gold tier is 50k points. Score event points and a chance at getting new loot in Killjoy's Castle. The demon Blizzarax has a chance to drop elite level 105 and amulet crafting components, new level 10 Elite "Black Friday" weapons (dagger, wand, axe) and the new stat pet "Gleam" (Gleam gives +15 STR, DEX, INT, +1.5K Health & Damage, +15% Gold Loot, +15% Re-Roll, 3X Towne Speed!)

Between the two winter events there are a lot of new vanities and very exclusive rewards from the prize vendor. Most notably the event prize vendor will be selling 'Tinsel' the gleaming metal dragon pet! Tinsel is a new stat pet that gives +25 STR, DEX, INT, +3K Health & Damage, +25% Gold Loot, +25% Re-Roll, 3X Towne Speed and bonus XP, making him an extremely desirable pet to add to your collection along with other favorites such as Dev, Psyko and the Warbird! Other prize vendor items for sale include level 105 Mythical "Killjoy" rings and all of the "Gaze" faces.

You can find find more details for the PL winter festival event here.

Nov 29 2018: Reborn News Update: Pocket Legends Adds "The Castle of Honor" CTF Map; Winterfest 2018 Coming

The community asked for an honor mode CTF map, and STS has made it happen. Today "The Castle of Honor" CTF map was added to PL. Wear a full honor set and unlock access to this map. Give it a try, and report back with your feedback. If something needs to be changed or fixed, now is the time to find out so that any issues can be addressed prior to a full fledged CTF honor leaderboard event. Also, we have been told to get ready for the Pocket Legends Winterfest 2018 event! More details on this update can be found here.

Nov 19 2018: Reborn News Update: Pocket Legends Forest Fury Event Preview

Today, Cinco Barnes of Spacetime Studios announced a preview to the Pocket Legends Forest Fury event. It will be a 3-tiered individual leaderboard event that offers new vanities, gold farming and discounted enchantments! The bronze/silver/gold tier points are 15k/25k/35k and the event lasts a week. The Forest Fury event starts on Thursday, November 22nd at 1:30pm Austin, Texas time. It seems that the new vanity weapons will drop as loot, while the helm and armor will be available for purchase from the vendor. You can look forward to enjoying some new scenery and changes in the mobs. Sounds like a fun event. More details on the event preview can be found here.

Oct 16 2018: Reborn News Update: Pocket Legends Halloween 2018 Event Preview; Honor Arena L30+ PvP Event

Today Spacetime Studios announced a preview to the Pocket Legends Halloween event. It will be a 3-tiered individual leaderboard event that offers new quests, new vanities and gear. 15k points earn bronze tier, 50k for silver and a whopping 100k event points for the gold tier. What do you think about the event? You can find all of the details that have been released so far here.

STS also released a PvP event that was available from Thursday, October 11 through Monday, October 15 for the competition phase, with the reward vendor phase lasting Monday through Wednesday. New honor gear was made that allowed players who were level 30+ to participate. The rewards included new vanity weapons. For all of the L30+ Honor Arena PvP event details, check out the event preview here and the official STS announcement here.

Sep 11 2018: Reborn News Update: Pocket Legends Event Preview - Return to the Mad Mage's Castle!

Today Spacetime Studios announced a preview to the next Pocket Legends event.

This PvE leaderboard event is scheduled to go live at 12:00AM on Friday, September the 14th and will run through the weekend.

The rewards phase will start Monday and end Tuesday at 11:59PM Austin, Texas time.

For all of the juicy event details, check out the official STS announcement here.