Reborn - A Distinguished Pocket Legends Guild
For Reborn, it's all about quality over quantity.

Reborn is a closed Pocket Legends guild that consists of highly skilled, extremely successful, loyal, dedicated and professional friends who enjoy playing PL together.

We are a guild of old friends, we have known each other for many years.

Without the drama, turnover, risk or dead weight found in most other guilds, Reborn is a dream come true for each and every member.

We have specialists among us in every skill category, including PvP, events, leveling, farming, questing, achievements, crafting and merchandising. Many of our members have a fondness in collecting rare and discontinued items.

We especially relish grinding out the Pocket Legends events together, be it PvE or PvP, our members are among the highest scoring players in the game.

Interested in joining Reborn? We are a closed guild of close friends, and do not go out and actively seek new recruits or have a need to add new members. But we will consider your interest in joining our family. All applicants are carefully screened. Many apply, but few gain entry into Reborn. If you are however seriously interested in applying, then please find us in game or on Discord.

Friends are what make or break Pocket Legends. The more good friends, the richer the experience.

We have found that Discord is the perfect platform to keep in touch with old friends, to make new friends, and to enjoy conversations sharing our interests about real life and Pocket Legends.

We encourage you to join the Pocket Legends community on Discord. You can download the Discord app here, and then join the Pocket Legends Party Zone Discord Server here.

We are unaffiliated with Spacetime Studios, Inc.
Major Achievements
L105 Forbidden
Royal Alterran
True Legend Achievement
1B Gold Cap
Proud Member of Reborn
blank Above: Reborn group shot in the guild hall, September 22, 2018.